Only participants who have completed the Certificate in Board Directorship, and who have been Certified, are eligible to enroll onto the Diploma Programme.

GCC BDI has now launched the Diploma in Directorship Programme, The second level of the Directorship Certification Programme. The Director's Diploma Award is a professional designation conferred by the GCC Board Directors Institute and the Financial Academy. The designation is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed the relevant training programme and assessments, including an evaluated board simulation exercise, an individual presentation assignment and a multiple-choice questions-based assessment. The training programme is based on GCC BDI's Board Director Competency Framework.

Achieving the award of a Diploma in Board Directorship, means that a director has demonstrated an internationally accepted level of understanding of the application of knowledge and skills as it pertains to board performance. A Director with an award of Diploma in Board Directorship is equipped to make a valuable contribution to any Board.

The Diploma in Board Directorship will build upon the knowledge acquired from the Certificate level and focus upon core director skills and competencies necessary to function effectively and make a valuable contribution within any board.

Only participants who have completed the Certificate in Board Directorship, and who have been Certified, are eligible to take the Diploma.

Why should you apply for the Diploma in Board Directorship?

  • Fast track your career as a professional director
  • Demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills
  • Show your commitment to on-going professional development
  • Demonstrate your integrity and commitment to moral and legal duties
  • Uphold standards of sound governance in the GCC
  • Access to becoming a Chartered Director.

Each module consists of 2 full days of live online training and discussion. The 2 mandatory modules and the elective modules are run on a cyclical basis. You can take the modules in any order and if you miss a module, you can wait for it to come round again in the cycle. You can start the cycle at any time. For more information on the Diploma, click here.

Participants wishing to pre-purchase all 3 workshops in advance will receive a 25% discount.

Below is information on Module 2 - The Dynamic Board of the Diploma in Directorship Programme.

Event Details

Date: 12-13 November 2024


  • 8:30am - 5:30pm (KSA Time)
  • 9:30am - 6:30pm (UAE Time)

Venue: Riyadh, KSA

Key outcomes from this Module:

This module explores the need for up to date board practices, effective board dynamics and board engagement.

  • Evaluate whether a board's practices are adapted to meet the needs of the board and explain best practices associated with board conduct and etiquette and appreciate the importance of developing a board calendar
  • Identify the characteristics of the effective provision of information to the board and understand the process of developing an effective board policy
  • Define the characteristics of effective board decision making
  • Evaluate the elements of an effective director induction process and succession planning
  • Apply good practices associated with disclosure of a conflict of interest, related-party transactions, insider trading and whistleblowing
  • Evaluate board attitudes to engagement and involvement in change explain change management models, including life cycle and progression models apply them in appropriate situations
  • Determine red flags and potential barriers to change and developing appropriate solutions to overcome these
  • Identify and apply the elements, characteristics and performance metrics of an effective board evaluation or of an individual director evaluation, Governance evaluation and organisational health
  • Describe the types and causes of common conflicts and disagreements that the board may face and develop appropriate methods of resolving them
  • Identify the elements of an effective removal of a director, the CEO, and chairman and Identify appropriate methods and approaches for a board to deal with a crisis

Workshop Fees:

  • Non-member: USD 4,200
  • Associate: USD 3,990
  • Member: USD 3,690
  • Fellow: USD 3,190

Rates above are exclusive of VAT and any WHT and effective as at 17 May 2020.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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