Board Agendas can be exciting and full of potential opportunities or boring and full of administrative routine matters. Which is yours?

As the work of the board and its committees is becoming more and more complex, individual directors' responsibilities and liabilities are growing. It is therefore important for boards and board committee members to ensure that they are focusing on the right things in their meetings and that they are giving themselves enough time to discuss and deliberate fully on those items.

Ensuring that the board and board committees have the right agenda to achieve its purpose is therefore an important skill for Board and Board committee secretaries to have. Done well, agenda development is a critical component of board effectiveness. Done badly, it can contribute to a poorly performing board.

This workshop will explore how Board and Board committee secretaries can advise and assist their chairs in the development of agendas that leads to better performing Boards and Board Committees.

This 3-hour tutorial will cover the following topics:

1. The purpose of a board and board committee meeting

2. The importance of an effective agenda and how to develop them

3. The role of annual calendars, work plans, matters arising and decision trackers

4. Practical tips for drafting agenda

5. The importance of a debrief after the meeting

Online tutorial details:

Date: 18 September 2024

Time: 12:00pm - 3:00 pm (KSA Time)

1:00PM -4:00PM (UAE Time)

Format: Online Zoom


  • Allison Dillon Kibirige, Founding Director, AMDK Consultancy & Training Services Limited

Tutorial fees

Price per person for the tutorial:

Non member - USD 350

Associate - USD 330

Members- USD 300

Fellows-USD 265

Rates above are exclusive of VAT and any WHT and effective as at 17 May 2020

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